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Naeyeonsan is beautiful like an Oriental painting, and is one of the Taebaeksan. The mountain has deep valleys, clean water, and 12 waterfalls, impressing visitors. Dongbong, who spent his whole life at Bogyeongsa, said, in the 16th year of the reign of King Jeongjo (AD 1792), "Water flowing from Singusan southward and Naeyeonsan northward is combined and flows to one side. The water source is 12km long, and waterfalls, cliffs, and layered walls, and fantastic rocks and stonesexist along with bent pine trees. The residents here call it Sogeumgang.“
Bogyeongsa has the splendid and beautiful Jungnamsan Mountain at its back, and is surrounded by a chain of small mountains from Naeyeonsan. The temple embraces clean stream water flowing from a deep valley, which is famous for 12 waterfalls.
YoungilDae Beach
Gosa Fountain was built on the sea 250 meters away in front of the Marine City Hall on YoungilDae Beach. The fountain shoots water 120m high. This fountain is the first fountain built on a sea in Korea. Whenever the fountain sprouts off water, the sea water rises by up to 120m for 30 minutes. Near the fountain, LED lights are installed all over the place. At night, the watercourse has six colors. The height of the watercourse can be controlled depending on the strength or direction of a wind. When the climate gets worse, the facilities can be soaked in the sea. In the daytime, a lucid and sunlit rainbow, along with the splendor of the cool watercourse rising by up to 120m,are fantastic. At night, fantastic sprays of water create a splendid view through lights in changing colors, with POSCO in the background. Gosa Fountain is being established as one of the things for which Pohang is famous.

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Bulguksa Temple
Bulguksa Temple is a prime exemplar depicting Buddhist beliefs through architecture, manifesting an unparalleled architectural beauty difficult to find even in Asia. The architectural form of Bulguksa Temple can be divided chiefly into two areas. One area contains Daeungjeon (Hall of Great Enlightenment), surrounded by Cheongungyo (Blue Cloud Bridge), Baegungyo (White Cloud Bridge), Jahamun (Purple Mist Gate), Beomyeongnu (Pavilion of Mount Meru), Jwagyeongnu (Left Sutra Hall), Dabotap (Pagoda of Many Treasures), Seokgatap (Sakyamuni Pagoda), and Museoljeon (Hall of No Words). The other area contains Geuknakjeon (Hall of Supreme Bliss), surrounded by Chilbogyo (Seven Treasures Bridge), Yeonhwagyo (Lotus Flower Bridge), and Anyangmun (Peace Enhancing Gate). The magnificent and unique stone structures seen when one looks straight on at the temple remain from the eighth century, and the wooden buildings are 18th century restorations built upon the remains of the original structures that burnt to the ground.
Seokguram Grotto
Seokguram Grotto, the greatest masterpiece of the golden age of Silla, is a heritage property in which architecture, mathematical principles, geometry, religion, and art are collectively realized through its design and construction. Seokguram Grotto is a man-made cave that was assembled from white granite. Inside of Seokguram Grotto are 39 carved divinities, including Bodhisattvas, disciples, heavenly guards, and heavenly kings, all formed around a central principal figure of the Buddha.
Gyeongju Donggung Wolji (Imhaejeonji ,Anapji)
Anapji, an artificial pond located in Gyeongju National Park, is situated at the northeast edge of the Banwolseong palace site, in central Gyeongju. It contains three small islands. The lotus fields around Anapji are beautiful like a painting and the beautiful lighting at night makes it perfect for nighttime sightseeing. In the town of Gyeongju there are more palaces and royal Silla heritage sites. Cheomseongdae, Gyerim, Wolseong and Anapji are directly connected to the palaces of Silla. It is great to just walk or cycle around town to see the elegance and majesty of Silla.
Gyeongju Cart Valley
Located in a quite spot at the base of Tohamsan, Gyeongju Cart Valley has brought the computer game Cart Rider to life. You can ride a small one-person cart around a short track about 10 times faster than a bumper car, and with the low seat you can really enjoy the speed. Two types of cart are available, one for leisure and one for racing. The top speed of the leisure cart is about 40 Kph and the racing cart, which is designed for serious competition riders, can go 80 Kph. Safety education is compulsory. From kindergarten to high school aged children there are programs available.
Blueone Water Park
Blueone Water Park is the biggest four season water park in the Gyeongsang province, Gyeongju, South Korea. The water park includes six slides and sixteen water-theme facilities along with the highest artificial wave pool in Korea. Indoor facilities are open throughout the year, while outdoor facilities only run during the summer season. Since the water park belongs to Blue One Resort (which includes golf courses and condominiums), visitors can also use other advanced services apart from the water amusement.