Instructions for Abstracts Submission
International Conference on Biofabrication 2014 (ICB 2014) invites authors to submit an abstract for presentation within any of the themes listed further below. The goal of the conference is to promote scientific exchange and to foster closer networks and collaborative ties concerning the future of biofabrication and advanced biomanufacturing research. Researchers and students working in this field are encouraged to submit an abstract.
Conference Themes
Key Dates
Important instructions, including submission format instructions and selection criteria
Abstract acceptance and next steps
Key Dates
Abstract Submission OpenFebruary 20, 2014
Final Abstract DeadlineJuly 21, 2014
Notification DateAugust 7, 2014
Conference Themes
The abstracts may be focused on the topic listed below.
Technologies for Biofabrication : including extrusion based printing, inkjet printing, micro-syringe, laser-based techniques, bio-assembly, bio-stamping, indirect 3D printing, bio-robotics, hybrid approaches and proximal probe approaches, scaffold-free biofabrication
Cell Manipulation : 3D cell printing, cell sheet engineering, cell aggregate engineering, cell encapsulation, cell based sensors, bioreactor for long term survival of 3D tissues
Biomaterials/Bio-matrices : Biomaterials, extracellular matrices, bio-molecules, cytocomaptibility, novel responsive biomaterials, 3D scaffolding with recruitment molecules, peptide biomaterials, engineered tissue constructs
Bioscience and Bioengineering : Biology, embryology, histology, instrumentation, monitoring and control
Applications of Biofabrication : tissue engineering, tissue/organ model, sensors and microfluidics, drug and toxicity testing, vaccine testing, arrays, bio-scaffolding, wound repair, and bio-electronics
Computational Tissue Engineering : Bio-informatics, bio-simulation
Instructions for Submitting Conference Abstracts
Format of abstracts
Abstract must include a title, author names, and author affiliations.
Word limit
Abstracts must be no longer than 300 words. Longer abstracts will not be reviewed and will be automatically rejected.
Preferred method of presentation
When you submit your abstract, please indicate your preferred method of presentation at the abstract submission page :
Oral Presentation Preferred
Poster Presentation Preferred
No Preference
If you do not indicate your preference at the abstract submission page, it will be assumed that you have no preference. Your preference must be included within the abstract, as subsequent preference submissions by email would not be included with the materials that are reviewed by the committee.
The best abstract submissions will be given an option for oral presentation. All others that are accepted will be poster presentations at the poster session.
Abstract acceptance and next steps
All the authors will be notified subsequent to accepting of their abstracts along with their presentation mode after review.
Conference registration is required
All persons submitting an abstract must register and submit payment to attend the conference.
We are happy to announce that all the accepted abstracts for ICB 2014 could be considered for publication in BIOFABRICATION journal. In this regard, we request all the authors to transfer your full manuscript to BIOFABRICATION journal mentioning acceptance of your abstract in ICB 2014 if you intend to do so.
* We are delighted to inform all the participants that all the accepted abstracts will be published in the international journal named "Biomaterials Research," official journal of Korean Society for Biomaterials in the June, 2015 issue without any publication fee. Biomaterials Research is an open access journal. If you are interested in submitting your abstract to this journal, please contact the secretariat