It is a great pleasure and honor to invite you to participate in the International Conference on Biofabrication (ICB 2014), which will be held in Pohang, South Korea, from September 28 to October 1, 2014.
This is the first time that Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) is going to organize a meeting dedicated to Biofabrication and Biomanufacturing community. The meeting will cover all aspects of Biofabrication from fundamental science to translational applications in the clinic and in industry. The ICB 2014 seeks to establish itself as an important forum for research leaders, scholars, and visionaries across various disciplines from engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, material science and biotechnology from around the world to gather and exchange ideas about one of the most dynamic subject, Biofabrication.
This decade is being characterized by the appearance and use of emergent strategies and technologies in the field of biofabrication. This situation has produced a tremendous impact on Medicine and Biology from which it is expected an unparalleled evolution towards novel concept and practices. The consequence will be a significant improvement in biofabricated products. In this context, the conference program will be focused on the convergence of biofabrication topics ranging from biofabrication methods and novel matrix materials to practical applications of biofabricated constructs.
POSTECH is a private university based in Pohang, South Korea, which is dedicated to research and education in science and technology. In 2010, the Times Higher Education ranked POSTECH 28th in the world. In 2012 and 2013, the Times Higher Education ranked it 1st in their "100 Under 50 Young Universities" rankings. Pohang is a city in North Gyeongsang Province, at the eastern part of South Korea, and famous for its fishing culture with abundance of fresh and sun-dried seafood. Also, there are a number of lovely beaches on the East Sea. Homigot, located to the east of urban Pohang, is one of the easternmost points on the Korean peninsula and also home to the famous Hands of Harmony sculpture. Pohang is the home of POSCO (the Pohang Steel Company), one of the largest steel producers in the world, and a host of related industries.
I am sure that you will have a wonderful experience of visiting Pohang during the Conference.
We look forward to meeting you in Pohang, 2014.

Dong-Woo Cho
Conference chair, ICB 2014